The Trailer

Here's the whole series of posts describing my conversion of 12 foot, 1960's caravan chassis into a car trailer. It took quite a long time and A LOT more money than I planned on spending but only because I'm no good at buying the cheap option! I forgot to blog quite a bit of the early stages such as all the hours and hours of wire brushing and making the sub-frame but you join us just after the first coat of paint has gone on.

The Intro - A quick look at the layout of the chassis.

The Trailer Takes Shape - Making the sub-frame and rebuilding the suspension.

Got Any Draw? - Re-positioning the draw-bar.

Let's Get Hitched - Reconditioning and refitting the coupling.

Ally Up - The aluminium for the runners has arrived!

Runners On - Starting to fit up the runners.

Back On Track - Little jobs after a quite spell.

Looking Good - Fitting the mudguards and making the brake rods.

Loom For Improvement - Wiring loom and light go on, as well as a some little bits and pieces.

More Finishing Touches - A tidy solution for the brake return springs, mudguards and lights.

Ramping My Style - The troublesome ramps get sorted once and for all.

The Maiden Voyage - Break out the Champers! But will it make it all the way to N Wales? and say hello to Lou's 1977 Vauxhall Viva HC.