Saturday, 11 August 2018

Caged Animal

Well it's been tough finding days we can both keep clear for putting a solid shift on the MR2 but the roll cage is finally taking shape. We decided on 8 points in the end, you can't be too safe, or two stiff, so fore-stays and back-stays. Rrule changes for stage rally cars as of 2019 mean we also need A-pillar bracing and two bars in the roof. Probably a traditional X in our case.

So without further adoo lets have look at some piccie's. Click to view full size
The Main X with Harness Bars
Two Raked door bars instead of an X. We decided entry and exit would have been nigh on impossible  with an X.

Fore-stays. well pleased with how these came out. we just need to do a tidy job re-paneling around them now. These could make one of very few if not the only AW11 currently competing (in the world?) with an 8 point cage.

A-pillar bracing. Mandatory for 2019. I would have been nice to have these bent to clear the steering wheel a bit better but we don't have the budget.

The notch on the top of the A-pillar brace. The biggest one we had to do at just 22 degrees. This was done with paper templates and the angle grinder as it was too big for the tube notcher in the drill.

Boom! howdya like them apples?. the plan is to 'rectangle' the rear window with small plates of sheet steel welded to the ends of the window aperture and the back-stays. This makes it much easier to seal up that trying to pass them through polycarb. It wall also tie the cage to the shell very nicely indeed.

Definitely 'Notch of the job' this one. All the notches are bevelled back so your welding to the full thickness of the steel.

Top corner node in the main hoop. 

My Kind of office. Because we took the time to perfectly level the shell we can now use spirit levels to set stuff like the dash bar perfectly true

The floor has to be cut beforehand and then the feet slid over the holes so that when we need to we can drop the cage to gain welding access to the hard to reach spots up against the roof.
Back-stay re-enforcing plate.
The rear bulkead ad to cut to build the Main X
We also needed to install the seat mounts so we could judge where certain bars needed to be before we installed them

he sunroof had to be massively minimized for head room. Even with the seats as low as we could get them its super tight.
The solution was to cut out everything. and jut leave the aperture with a 3-mm (the thickness of polycarb) return on it. I took a template of the hole and had it scanned at my laser cutting place
from that template we produced this flange. with all the rivet holes pre-cut. I can now use the same CAD drawing to have the plug made. Again, with all the rivet holes pre-drilled in exactly the same places. Too easy. the plug itself will be either smoked or solid-black polycarb. This should look really smart when it's in.

Oops moment with the angle grinder when cutting out the old framework.

Just the roof X left to now. these will need to be bent to push them right up against the roof itself. so we just need to wait until we have a bit more spare cash. The next session will be spent on the seat belt anchors.

We have also been working on installing Corsa-C electric power steering which is coming along nicely. I'll do a seperate post on that though.