Thursday, 30 November 2017

Strip Club

Other than that have trimmed all the fat off the wiring loom. Off the top of my head I think I chopped 7.5 KG out of the main passenger compartment, engine bay and frunk looms . Well worth doing. Not to mention both the door looms. Pretty straightforward really, when you pull the interior out, label absolutely everything you unplug with masking tape as you go along. Once the interior is completely stripped chop any wires associated with unnecessary systems out all the way back to source. Trace them through block connectors and junction boxes if you can. The wiring diagrams in the BGB and some others i found on the internet were really useful but not 100% correct (99.9%) for my car. I basically completely deleted (relays, fuses, the lot) every circuit except:

Power source
Turn signal & Lights
Back up Lights
Combi Meter
Stop lights
Radiator fan (I trimmed this to run on one relay, one fuse and only power one fan I have a diagram of what i did if anyone would like to see it. It’s was a bit tricky because the air-con fan has fail safe relay that means it runs constantly if certain conditions aren’t met.)

That fans assembly weighs an unbelievable amount so being able to replace the two OE ones with one powerful lightweight one will save us a ton of weight at one of the farthest points from the center of gravity.

Also, my car, as i’m sure yours does, had all the wiring in place for systems it was never fitted with like Auto transmission and cruise control. I’m sure most of you guys with track crs have done this already but there is a lot weight to be save by spending a few evening picking that loom apart.

Other than that I’ve chipped out all the sound deadening (9KG’s i think).

Stage Rallying stipulates a six point roll cage, as opposed to four for circuit racing so by the time the cage is in, along with numerous other mod’s to beef up the chassis and transmission we’ll be adding a lot of weight to the car. Therefore I’ve been totally ruthless about saving weight wherever else we can. The AW11 is heavier than most of the cars in it’s class to every little helps.

I’ll run down the list of intended modifactions and the reasoning behind them in the next post.