Thursday, 30 November 2017

Scoop - part 2

A lot of discussion but not too much work done lately.

the car is currently parked up at my folks place back in N wales after coming back from Harry Hockley a month or so ago. Last weekend we managed to get the rear arch and new air scoop finished and primed. I also got chance to break out the decent camera and get some smarter shots which I will try to do with more frequency from now on.

Just a touch more filler. It's amazing how bad stuff looks when you see it with fresh eyes.

Still parked on the trailer all the garage space is maxed out up here

You can see where the filler has 'blown out' into the wing at the top of the wheel arch. This is due to me getting greedy with the tacks when welding in the new arch, causing the panel to buckle. Rookie error but it's been a long time since I welded anything this thin. Another point worth noting for anyone else attempting to fit an extra scoop would be to do the scoop and arch repairs as different jobs. removing all that steel at the same time allows everything to move around way too much and lose it's shape. Get the arch ready for filler then do the scoop.

and finally the primer. really pleased with this it's going look absolutely stock by the time the paint is finished. Black with TRD red and white stripes if anybody is interested.

fill up the Sunroof next