Thursday, 30 November 2017

Roll up

Here's a few shots of the roll cage as it is at the moment. As I have said previously we asked Harry hockley Motorsport to to prepare all the the bars that would require bending so all we had to do was cut and notch all the straight ones, weld the whole thing together and install it as per the blue book. For those of you familiar with the blue book you will notice it is the type of cage with three main hoops (1 transverse and 2 longitudinal) as opposed to two transverse joined by roof bars.

So what you see is how we received it back from HHM. With the three main hoops and the roof bar tacked in place. We will now need to add the X to the main hoop along with the harness bars, a single door bar on each side, the dash bar, single back-stays and single front stays to the top of the turrets. we will also Gusset the cage to the A and B pillars and weld in the foot and counter plates. I don't think we'll bother X'ing the back-stays but never know.

we've been well impressed by HHM. They massively know their onions, Martin couldn't have been more helpful, not just regarding the cage but with loads of other stuff too and the quality of the work is absolutely first class. the cage is such a tight fit to the shell it's outrageous! This has saved us a fortune over a full custom cage fit (at least £1500) and by the time it's finished it will certainly be up there with best cages in any AW11.