Thursday, 30 November 2017

In The Begining........

So I've got the car!

1989 Mica blue sunroof. 100k miles One thousand pounds paid.

I Know I this post should probably be in projects but i can seem to start a thread in that forum for some reason. any help with that would be greatly appreciated.

Picked it up from an old boy paignton, he was 85 and has owned the car since 1998. However it's been stored since 2003 when his angry soon be ex-wife threw all his car keys away.

He decided he needed to do something with it so he got a new set of keys and locks installed and intended to put it back on the road. It refused to start though and he received a diagnosis of a goosed fuel pump.  He started the job himself but realized he was way to old to be shimmying around under cars and put it up for sale for a grand as a non runner.

He wasn't budging on price so I had to give him his grand and take punt on it or leave it there. Other than the alleged fuel pump failure it's totally rock solid. He had it on a hydraulic scissor lift so I got to have a really good look around underneath. Both the rear arches are shot but there is no structural or chassis rot whatsoever, under the front boot looks like it's never been opened and the barring a scruffy gearknob and gaiter the interior is near mint. There is a small ding on the passenger door and another on the headlamp otherwise the bodywork and paint is lovely.

Loads of history and receipts too, she was still going to Toyota for services (and valets!) at 68K. it even came with an old MR2 drivers club membership book.

The new fuel pump arrived today so I'll get that fitted tomorrow and she if she fires up.