Thursday, 30 November 2017

Extra Scoop

Here’s how we fitted the air scoop into the passenger side.

Firstly I asked Neil from to roughly chop an apperture and grille out of one his scrappers and leave at least an inch of good steel all the way around the aperture. Then, using a ruler as a straight edge and a sharp punch I marked nice straight edges onto it and carefully trimmed it up with the angle grinder. If I could do it again I would leave as much as I could on it without including the body lines.

Then I cut a square out of an old cardboard folder and taped it to the back. The missus is well into crafty stuff so there is no shortage of razor sharp scalpel knives in our house. It’s well worth getting one or put a spanking new blade in your stanley. I trimmed all the way around the edge until the card was exactly the same size as the steel then used the knife to release it from the tape rather than pull it off.

Using the distances from the body lines to the aperture (inside edge of the card square) I positioned it in exactly the same place as the one on the opposite side and carefully taped it in position making sure it was perfectly flat and hadn’t distorted.

After that it was time to get the stanley and cut the card out again using enough pressure to leave a nice deep scratch in the paint.

And then it’s cutting time! I was a bit skeptical about how well it would work once all the error margins had added up but it was pretty close to perfect.

You obviously have to flip the new aperture upside down to place it on the opposite side of the car so it’s fortunate that the curve running vertically through the panel is a constant radius. If it was egg shaped this job would be a lot trickier.

I toyed with the idea of boxing the whole lot in but I wasn’t convinced all that extra steel would really pay for itself in terms of extra power. It would certainly help prevent water and dirt ingress into the sill but there are lighter ways to do this with expanding foams and the like.

Then came tacking it in and grinding it back, my dad and bro came down for the weekend to give me a hand with the wheel arch and sill repairs which meant i wasn’t so on top of taking photo’s but it looked like this when we were finished.

We also added a little ram style scoop into the inner wing and welded up the old filler neck hole. The hole in this is the same diameter as the throttle body so we can duct some tubing straight onto the back of it

We got it most of the way there there by the time they had to go but they were dropping it off at Harry Hockley on the way home so the time came when we had to just get some primer on it and call it a day. We’ll finish it off once we get it back down.

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We also managed to cut the polycarb rear and quarter windows but no pics of them yet. The rear one will need cutting to allow for the roll cage back stays so I’ll get some pics while we’re doing that. Oh, and I almost forgot to say we decided on an eight point cage in the end. Does anybody know of any other AW11’s with eight point cages?, it would be nice to see some pic’s of how they tackled the front stays.