Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The 'Holey' Trinity

James, one of my work colleagues and fellow petrol head is the offspring of farming folk from Launceston, he one again managed to broker the loan of his parents trailer so that I may cart all my surplus stuff off to Roger's. I cant thank these guys enough for all they've done to help it's saved me hundreds of pounds.

I had booked a week off work to get through my checklist of things to get rid of:

Item number one on the list was the huge pile of concrete and ceramic junk that was occupying the lawn. It was hard work but we saw it off in three or four trips.

Item number two was the huge pile of old mortar, lumps of cementitious debris and clay that had slowly but very surely formed in the middle of the 'island'. It took three of us (My bro and my mate Alan came over to help on Monday) the best part of a day to get rid of that. the trailer holds about a ton and we did about six trips that day.

Item number three: the island itself!

Just Al and I left now and we dug until we could dig no more, I started getting pretty bad migraine headaches toward the end of the day but we put a respectable little dent in the thick end of it and manage an impressive  5 trips.

By Wednesday I was on my own. The holy trinity of man, spade and barrow.

It's amazing how quickly a day passes when your digging on your own, bare in mind that every ton I put in the trailer is a ton that needs shoveling out again at the other end so you kind of get to move two tons for the price of one..........whoopie!

I did about three trips on Wednesday before the headaches got the better of me, two on Thursday and I barely managed one on Friday. I did some research and I think it's caused by bad posture (being stooped over all day) compounded in my case by the lifting element. The muscles in your back get so tense and knotted it actually begins to restrict the blood-flow to the back of your head. It was very frustrating because I wasn't injured or exhausted but it would get to the stage where I couldn't make three scoops without having to close my eyes for two minutes.

Anyway, we had so go and see Lou's mum for the weekend on Friday night so that was it for the time being.

I did a trip a night on Wednesday and Thursday after work the following week and went for 'the big push' on the weekend. Finally, by lunch time on Sunday I had turned this:

Into this:

550 square foot of hole in the ground.

The digging was still not done though, there was a pile of soil that the previous owners had made, against the wall just to the right of the garage 'door' that needed sorting that was another two and half trips but it was a joy to dig compered to what I had been doing, piled up high, no stones, light, dry and crumbly. Also the great big pile of soil I had put in/around/over the flower bed behind the back door needed doing. I managed to get through about half of that in another three trips.

I'm currently in Scotland with work for the week but my folks are coming down again on Friday so my dad can give me hand with the footing trenches. Once they're done and the last of the pile in the flower bed is gone the digging will finally be over.............until we start on the drive.

In other news we've had the confirmation of the planning application through so I've sent off my building reg's application. Confirmation basically means there was nothing wrong with way I filled in the forms or the plans I drew so it's currently being considered. The deadline for a decision is the 16 of this month. One of our neighbors objected on the grounds of noise etc so we attended the parish council meeting at which they were discussing the garage to reassure the Councillors that nothing untoward, antisocial or illegal would be taking place in there and also just to show our faces so that they can see we're nice people. They submitted their comments to the county council a couple of days ago and simply wrote 'no comments' brilliant! I'm quietly quite confident we'll get planning permission.

Sorry for the long delay between posts this time it's just that there's not a lot to write about when all you do in your spare time is fill up a wheelbarrow. I want to have the the concrete footings and maybe even the floor down by the end of the month so stay tuned.