Thursday, 13 June 2013

Garage Gone

Well the recent run of good weather means I've been out nearly every evening and weekend it hasn't been raining so I haven't that much time to do much blog posting. but the old garage is indeed gone so lets bring you up to speed on how that went.

The first thing to do was get rid of the asbestos roof. Your local household waste recycle center will take asbestos as long as it's not broken and it's double wrapped so the problem was how to get it off without breaking the large 6x2 panels. They were nailed down with spiral shafted dome head nails so a claw hammer wasn't going to do it as we would of cracked the asbestos trying to lever out the nail against it. My dad had a good idea when he suggested hitting a chisel into the roof beams so as to split them down the middle along the line of the nails but that didn't really works either so in the end I went and bought a Dremmel so I could cut the tops off the nails and the panels could be easily lifted away and laid on the floor.

Once they were off I ran them down to the recycle center and got on with removing the roof beams, the doors and the windows. all that was now left to do was  break out the hammer and start swinging.
Saturday afternoon

Later Saturday afternoon

Tea time Saturday

Sunday morning
Hang on a sec, haven't we been here before? Oh well, once you've cleared away one massive pile of rubble what difference does another one make? so that's what I spent the remainder of Sunday doing. and by the time my bro turned up just before tea time I was pretty much done. I had been putting all the broken ones on the pile at the back of the garden and all  re-usable blocks to one side, so he gave me hand piling them up in the front garden and then we had a sweep up and that was that. all gone in two days, time to light the fire with all the roof beams and put the kettle on.

Tidy indeed but not for long.............

One more massive pile of rubble to shift. All the rocks from the coal-store now needed putting where the garage once stood and they weren't going to put  themselves there so that was evenings last week and last weekend accounted for. I managed to organize them into three rough sizes, massive, large - med and small to make thing easier when we need to use them again.

And that was me done in, I've never been so broken, everything ached, arms legs, hands, core muscles I was kind of glad when it finally started raining

The last thing we need to knock down is that concrete block wall on the left hand side so we can build a nice new retaining wall out of the stone from the coal store. The little wall at the front of the house is also going to be re-built out of the coal-store stone and any thing that's left over will be used to tidy up the 'Cornish hedge' in the far right corner. Then we can get the digger in and pile all the topsoil in the back half of the garden in the front half of the garden and find out what level we're going to be building on.

We should have the wall built by the end of this weekend, weather permitting so stay tuned