Sunday, 12 May 2013

Murder Is The Easy Bit..............

...........getting rid of the body is where it gets complicated.

Not so much complicated as just way, way harder. It took my mate Gideon and I less than an evening after work to 'kill' the coal store but moving all the stone (I reckon at least 15 tons) took me most of the evenings the following week and all of the weekend to get it from one end of the garden to the other. Here's a quick vid of the coal store's final moments, I can honestly say I've never seen any thing as heavy as this wall hit the floor, the ground visibly shook

Gid's was not there by chance, he's a very accomplished landscape gardener I'd called him over to pick his brains about the best way to proceed with all the earthworks we need to do before we can start building the garage. Gideon was quite startled by how much earth I was proposing to get rid of in order to level the garden out and advised that if I was going to forge ahead with my plans the old garage needs to come down asap so we can get the digger in and deliveries etc as close to the project as possible. After a couple of nights to think about my chat  with Gids I decided that putting in a retaining wall down the left hand side of the garden would allow us to smooth everything over rather than get rid of it all and would also mean we wouldn't be undermining next door on the right quite so much.

Oh yeah and we pegged it out for the first time.........7m X 7m is the biggest we can go and not need planning, 530 square foot, pretty sick eh?  Unfortunately where I now plan to build this retaining wall is where I just piled up 15 tons of rock which leaves me with two problems, the first of which is I'm going to have to move it all again and secondly I don't have anywhere out of the way to put it unless I knock down the old garage. I had been trying to put off knocking down the garage until it was absolutely necessary as it's destruction represents what I consider to be the the point of no return. I need my man-space.

But it is what is and the old garage has got to go so the project can proceed. My mate Alan and I smashed up the remaining concrete pathways after work last week (that pile in the back corner) so all that remains is to carefully remove the asbestos roof and do a Fred Dibnah on the old garage. I'll get the old garage down and move all the rocks (again) then I'll take a good few wide shots of the back garden and do a post explaining exactly what we have in mind for it.