Thursday, 28 February 2013

Shed Heaven (get busy livin' or get busy dyin')

It's a slightly strange feeling taking somebody else's life to the skip car-load by car-load, or just chucking it on the fire but I suppose somebody will be doing it to all the stuff in my shed and my life one day when I'm dead and gone, and i'm pretty comfortble with that but I still can't help feeling................well, I dont know really, iv'e got nothing to feel bad or sorry for, it just feels a little, well, weird.

I guess it just reminds you that there is very little stuff you aquire during your stay on planet earth that wont fit in a skip or burn on a fire so you better get busy building something that's alot harder to knock down than a corrugated steel shed.

That is exactly what I intend to do and I have some friends to help me. My bro and his girlfriend Naomi came over to give me hand last weekend so we made a start on taking down the old shed.

Nomes gettin' her wreck on
It was tough to get the steel sheets off the good timber but parts of it were so rotten you could pretty much just pull them off by hand. By tea-time it was just a memory, Lou and Nomes went off to get some fish and chips and we had us a burn up with all the wood.

On Sunday I basically just lifted up all the concrete slabs and pathways at that end of the garden and around the coal store and made yet another trip to the skip with what was left of all the stuff I cant take to the scrap yard. All in all a good weekends work, the back of the garden is looking alot clearer and I had a very satisfying five minutes marking out the corners of a 6 X 7mtr rectangle on the ground.

 Coal store next,this provides a much tougher proposition but I have 14lb sledge hammer called progress and very little can stop it. Click the pics to enlarge as I seem to have lost the ability to do it from here.