Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Jobs For The Boys

Just a quick update on how things are progressing............

I've burned all of the old wood in the tin shed and the coal store so they are both empty and ready to come down. I have also cleared the area behind the tin shed of the old plant trelisses and most of the lumps of concrete that were back there are now piled up at the other end of the garden waiting to go to the tip. Also most of the stuff in the greenhouse is on ebay and should hopefully be gone by next week.

The next jobs are:

  • Dig up as much of the remaining paving slabs and concrete at that end of the garden as possible.
  • Take down the tin shed
  • Run all the scrap metal to the scrap yard
  • Run all the slabs and concrete to the skip
  • Knock down the coal store
  • Take down/ebay the green house.
  • Clear away all the bushes and brambles
If a can get all that done over the course of the next two weekends it's going to look like we're making real progress. My bro is coming down for a week some time soon so there's plenty for him to be cracking on with while I'm at work, plus its getting lighter in the evenings now so I'll be able to do a bit once I get home in a few weeks time.

Oh yeah, and we'll be trying to fit a new kitchen aswell,

Exiting times...............