Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sub Focus

Well, Time for me (Mike) to take over from Dave for a post a two while I bring you all up to speed on what we've doing with the Viva since she arrived up here in North Wales...

Dad Got started by stripping out the interior and getting the rear axle off with the intention of sorting all the body and chassis, starting at the back. Most of the car is actually in very fair condition considering its age and how long its been stood, so it wasn't long before he had taken care of all the Little jobs in that area and had it all freshly undersealed. While the axle was off it all got cleaned and painted as well the rear suspension.

Tidy. He had the front subframe off and was getting started on the floors and sills when I turned up. The front subframe of a Viva is a great example of how cars should be built. Its completely self contained, dead simple, well designed and comes off easy. They are very popular with people building hotrods and dragsters for exactly these reasons. Ours was scruffy but basically sound.

Once disassembled each part needs to be de-rusted and painted.

The engine vents the oily crank vapours down the left hand side of the car (by law modern engines recirculate this stuff back into the inlet manifold) and as you can see this side of the subframe is much less rusty than than the other. The whole thing came to bits in a few hours, We had to cut through a few bolts, where they had seized into the sleeves on the inside of a couple of bushes. No bother, the bottom arms got poly bushed before they went back and after a couple of weeks, the whole thing looked much better!

We still need to refit the steering rack when some fresh gaiters turn up as well as refit the hubs and the brakes. then it goes back on and we put the car back on its wheels and push it into the garage to start all the proper body work. The new parts for the rear brakes got here the other day too so stay tuned....