Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Loom for improvement

We're finally down to the nice clean little jobs that generally come towards the end of projects such as this one.

These have included mounting the marker lamps and reflectors as well as laying  the wiring loom in place:
Bolting and riveting on the the lashing hooks

and installing the new jockey wheel, breakaway chain and plug holder,

All that remains to do lighting-wise is to adapt the rear light clusters so they can be mounted onto the ally bar that provides the hook-over for the ramps. The legal requirements for the position of rear lamps dictate they have would have to be either mounted to the side of the trailer which would look a bit silly, or above the ally bar. This means fixing a bolt that extends downwards out of the bottom the light cluster and passes through the bar with a wing-nut to hold it in place, this also means the lights will need to be removed to allow a car to pass onto/off the trailer (hence the wing-nut), but its a much tidier looking solution.

It also meant I finally had a good excuse to go and by myself a pillar drill, as trying to drill a dead straight hole through a round bar would have been nigh on impossible with the hand drill, so a trip to machine mart in Plymouth yielded not only a pillar drill but also all the bits I need to convert the MIG welder for aluminium  so I can sort the ramps out with the extra strength they need, namely pure Argon gas, a Teflon torch liner some aluminium wire and new tips.

I also need to fabricate some pieces that will clamp onto the brake rods that extend out of the back-plate of the drum so the return springs have something to attach to. hopefully I can get everything except the ramps sorted by the end of this weekend as my Capri comes out of the body-shop after nearly a year following last summers car park incident and the trailer is blocking off the garage.