Sunday, 27 May 2012

Lookin Good

We've had to have a rethink of the ramps as they proved not to be strong enough when we drove a car onto it for the first time a few days ago but the good news is the mudguards are on and the brakes are rigged up so its starting to look pretty finished.

We also cut down the ally bar that will provide the hook-over for the ramps
 The mudguards are mounted to the suspension arms so they can be a nice close fit to the tyres and will track the wheel as it moves

The main brake rods are made from M8 stainless threaded bar and plain stainless rods between the levers and the expander's.
Next job is buy and fit up all the lights and electrics and then have a think about how we can build some strength into the ramps without making them too heavy.