Sunday, 27 May 2012

Lookin Good

We've had to have a rethink of the ramps as they proved not to be strong enough when we drove a car onto it for the first time a few days ago but the good news is the mudguards are on and the brakes are rigged up so its starting to look pretty finished.

We also cut down the ally bar that will provide the hook-over for the ramps
 The mudguards are mounted to the suspension arms so they can be a nice close fit to the tyres and will track the wheel as it moves

The main brake rods are made from M8 stainless threaded bar and plain stainless rods between the levers and the expander's.
Next job is buy and fit up all the lights and electrics and then have a think about how we can build some strength into the ramps without making them too heavy.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Back on Track

I've had to work a few weekend  lately so progress has been slow but one thing I had got round to doing was welding on the bump-stop at the front of the trailer, the other was have a go at making the ramps.

After taking delivery of all the aluminium we had thought we would have it finished in fairly short order but that has not proved to be the case. Primarily because of the way I had decided the ramps would mount onto rear of the trailer to allow the car to drive up them. I didn't want any mild steel to be rubbing or wearing against anything as any paint would be worn away and it would look rusty and crap in no time. So it had to be ally or stainless preferably with no moving parts. I Had bought a meter of 1.5 inch diameter aluminium bar that would be cut down and an M12 thread tapped into each end this could then be clamped between two tabs and the rear of the chassis to support the ramps.  then we could bend a radius onto the ally of the ramps so they could be hooked over this bar. That's kind of where the problems started.

The tabs that will hold the ally bar

Trying to bend 4.5mm thick aluminium chequer plate is not as easy as you might think. You need to apply A LOT of force, which in itself is not that hard you just need a very big lever ( luckily long lengths of box-metal are in plentiful supply). the problems arose because we just couldn't build a jig strong enough to hold the bar and the ramp in place while we applied this force. This was something I really wanted to do 'in house' but after a number of fruitless nights out in the garage it was clear we had to call in the professionals so my bro took the ally to the local engineering works and the boys down there used an enormous machine to bend this beautiful radius onto the end of them in no time.

Lovely Job
The other problem concerning the ramps was how to store them on the chassis when they're not in use and we came up with a rather elegant solution but that's for the next post.