Sunday, 1 April 2012

Runners On

Saturday was glorious sunshine, no surf, and no Grand Prix so the trailer got the first of the runners fitted up. I must admit I was expecting to have both of them and probably the ramps made too as my bro got back down this weekend, but it takes longer than you think, by the time you've argued about whats the best way to do it, taken all the measurements mocked it up, measured it again and finally welded it all up that's most of the day gone. We also put some 40x40 angle steel inside the channel on the leading edge of the trailer to turn it into a box section. this will add alot of strength to one of the most highly stresses parts of the trailer.

I'm going to use that overhang at the bottom of the picture for the ramp fixings
(you can click the picture to enlarge it)

Today I was a tad hungover, so in between rounds of the BTCC I drilled all the holes for the bolts and rivets that will hold the ally runners to the steel frame. I opted for the biggest rivets I could find, 6.4mm stainless steel (they take quite some poppin')and M8 stainless bolts. Bolts for the easy access areas as they're super strong and rivets for the blind section where the channel is boxed (I should have taken a better picture but you can just about see it start just in front of the Xsection).

Then all the new stuff gets a coat of paint. I swear if I ever get this Caterham I'm getting sponsored by Hammerite I'm on my third tin so far. The more time you spend painting the quicker its gets boring, I'm down to about two minutes and I'm over it, and the whole thing is getting at least one more coat once all the welding's done. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it.