Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Trailer Takes Shape

Here's where I've got to so far. As you can see, not much different to the the picture of the old chassis exept that it's wider, a lot less rusty and the sub-frame has been welded up to the side rails and two X sections added either side of the main axle beam to give it some torsional stiffness.

A better look at one of the swinging arms, it pivots off a boss bolted to the underside of the main beam, then passes through, and seats on, the main beam as it drops below it. The trailing arm you can see holds the whole thing in line with the axle.

The bottom of the spring sits on top of the swinging arm but the top of the spring is retained by a top plate and a large bolt that passes through the whole lot through to the underside of the main beam.
And there it is, The brakes are back together and the wheels are back on. you can see the sub-frame and the X sections but I'll need to weld in some more beams to help support the runners between the X sections and the ends of the trailer
There's still loads left to do, next up is to recondition the hitch and refit the A-frame. once the A-frame is back on i'll have a better idea of where to take the extra support for the runners from.  Stay tuned......