Sunday, 18 March 2012

Lets Get Hitched

I had kind of thought the hitch was beyond saving, but its amazing what a hour or so with a wire wheel angle grinder can do. The coupling damper was well and truly goosed and the handbrake lever had had it too, but ebay saved the day for about half the price of buying new ones. All i had to do was remember how it all goes together.

Now the hitch had been reconditioned the A-frame could go back on once and for all. so the next job was to break out all the lovely stainless steel nuts and bolt that I had ordered and get it fitted up. I had also made some 5ml thick, stainless steel back plates for the draw bar brackets to replace the rusty old ones. The guys at the engineering works cut them for me and still only charged me £1 each!, legends.
Now that everything was in its final position I thought I had better check that all the bits were in right places and pointing in the right direction. So I used some string tied to the hub centre and run around the back of the back of the tyre to check for toe in/out and to give a clearer idea of weather the coupling was dead centre to the wheels. I probably should have done this before I drilled and welded all the draw-bar mounts but I didn't think of it until now. As it turned out everything was spot on, there was a small amount of toe-in which is desirable, and the coupling was exactly in the middle of the wheels. Somewhat of a relief
The time has now come to stump up for the ally chequer plate for the runners so i can crack on with them next weekend. This is not going to be cheap!