Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ally Up!

Unfortunatly I didn't get chance to get anything done on the trailer last weekend. Between having to work on Saturday and good surf and the Grand prix on sunday that was the whole weekend pretty much accounted for. The good news is the clocks have gone back and its getting warmer so motivating myself to get out out there and get stuff done after work is going to be a lot easier with some decent daylight and no need for three T-shirts two jumpers and a hoodie just to keep warm.

The main reason for this interim post though is that three hundred quids worth of aluminium chequer plate aswelll as all the remaining metal I need to finish the trailer turned up the other day. All I need is a couple of clear days to get the runners built up and the ally fixed onto them and its going to start looking pretty finished.

Stay tuned..........