Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Greats in 500 Words

Just to keep things rolling along nicely through the impending winter and associated lack of British motor-sport, I think I'll write a series of short pieces about some of the Great Brits who've won the formula 1 word championship over the years and possibly some notable exceptions (one immediately springs to mind). I'll try and keep to 500 words per person if I can just to prevent it from becoming oppressive. hope fully I can enlighten you about some names you may recognise but might not fully be aware of or might not have ever taken the time to research for the sake of it, I'm certainly looking forward to researching these great drivers if only to deepen my own knowledge.

Obviously alot of the information  is readily available on the internet in a few easy clicks, but I do have a few books of my own to consult, and rather than just list facts and  figures or cut and paste Wikipedia I'll try and add my feelings about this or that driver and comment independently where I feel I can do so with confidence so as to add some individuality and prevent any sort of parrot fashion recital of other sources.

Stay tuned, the great Jim Clark has to be up first.