Saturday, 26 June 2010

Snetterton Sprint

The third and final sprint event of this years academy took place at Snetterton, south-west of Norfolk in Norwich. After a dry practice day on Friday it ended up bieng a worst case scenario for the race on saturday when the east anglian skies well and truly opened leaving 5 0f the 44 drivers in the boonies with no time recorded.

Not among the DNF's but nontheless conspicuous by his absence was kurt brady, hitherto the unbeaten dominant force in group 2, who for reasons not known to me couldnt make it to snetterton to defend his lead of the group.

Ill start with group one though, and it was Mike Hart who once again stamped his authority on the group to remain unbeaten and extend his small lead over a frustrated Wes fox who once again had to settle for second despite more brake problems. The appalling conditions played out well for David Szymanski who continued a threatening charge into 7th at Curborough by taking the final spot on the podium at Snetterton, despite this he still sits 8th in the group, but definatly one to watch.

This leaves group one looking like this:
6 points separate Mike Hart(60pts) and Wes Fox(54pts) at the top, Merlin Edwards(49pts) Notched up another 4th to hold onto third in the group whilst Jon Mortimer(46pts) scored his second consecutive 5th to climb into 4th, Blaize Rhodes(39pts) needs to stop the rot after only just staying in the top 10 to take 5th in group ahead of a no doubt frustrated Joel wymer(38pts) who came in 13th after some strong finishes at Aintree and Curborough.

Group 2 was nothing like as consistant as group 1, headed home by the meteoric Tim Abbot who secured his first win of the season and first in group with a solid performance in the wet. Martin Pass regained his Aintree form to take a seasons best of second and James Needham continued his rise to prominance with third. 4th once again went to the consistant man from Pisonhead's, Matt rigby, and its consistancy that could be the key to this group.

The very tight group 2 table looks like this:
at the top is Tim Abott(52pts), a third and two 4ths put Matt Rigby(49pts) in 2nd Martin Pass(44pts) moves into 3rd ahead of Spencer Horgan(41pts) in 4th. The absent Kurt Brady(40pts) drops from 1st to 5th ahead of James Needham(39pts) who leads the out of form David Menzies(38pts) by one point.

Im not going to try to put the two groups together buy sufficed to say its close. a prime example is kurt brady's no show, he was leading his group and joint championship leader now he's 5th in group and 9th overall and alot of guys are really getting their act together. with the first 'real' race at rockingham just around the corner things are about to get very interesting in the caterham academy.

Im going to see if I can figure out how to get some line graphs on here so we can see the rise and fall of drivers throuout the season plus it''' mean alot less of these baffling group run-downs.

here's the unstopable mike Hart tip toeing around a rain soaked snetterton.