Monday, 3 May 2010

ok, its about time i started writing this blog. im atleast a year and a half away from actually doing any racing, but if i dont start doing a little something every week to convince myself that one day, i might actually own a racing car i can see the whole thing fizzling out.

and this blog is part of that, its going to be tough to fill it without even a car build to talk about but ive got the garage to spruce up, and all the other interesting things that go on in there to discuss. not to mention a running commentary on the current accademy year and discoursing widely about motorsport past and present.

Im sure most of you know me allready but for those of you who dont, My name is dave jones (Dones)and last year my brother Mike (Mones) came over to my house with a piece of paper claiming you could buy a fully spec'd caterham racing car for £200 quid a month. Where do i sighn??

£18'500 is the full price tag and its going to take a massive amount of committment and lots of beans on toast to get there. My original plan was to make the 2011 season but a few winter set backs and the fact it costs more like 20+ grand if you're serious about running up front means 2012 is more realistic.

So there you go. thats the plan, and you know what they say about them. only time will tell but this is something iv'e dreamed of doing since i was a nipper and i cant think of anything else id rather waste my money on.