Wednesday, 12 May 2010

An Interesting Double Header

this weekend sees the entire spectrum of motorsport neatly bookended by two events within 24 hours of eachother.

Saturday sees round two of the caterham accademy take place at the tiny and largely unheard of sprint circuit of curborough, southwest of derby, in staffordshire. the competitors all of whom aquired their racing licsence a matter of months ago, and who only have one other competitive sprint as the sum of thier racing experience will battle it out, one at a time, in front of only friends, relatives and marshalls for little more than bragging rights, that it was they who conquered the 'molehill' and 'Fradly Hairpin' in the shortest time.

On the very same day, The Qulifying for Arguably the jewel in the crown of motorsport takes place in the principality of Monaco. The most successfull, most experienced, highest paid and most famous drivers in the world will contest the most glamorous, prestigious, historic and coveted piece of silverware that motorsport has to offer. Royalty and stars of film and television will be in attendance, the entire country will be bursting at the seams with pilgrims from the world over. news of its result will be transmitted into living rooms around the globe and the winner will be a household name.

But witch is the more important event? the statistics could be missleading. would monaco be the Spectacle it is today without the hundreds of thousands of grass roots enthusiasts around the world, like the men of the caterham accademy, going out for nothing more than the love of the sport every couple of weeks. I doubt it. The saying has it that were all standing on the shoulders of giants, but maybe in formula 1's case its just lots and lots of little guys.......