Thursday, 6 May 2010

Caterham Academy - Aintree Sprint 2010

Right then lets bring everyone up to speed with this years academy so far. The first event of the season was hosted by the small circuit of aintree just north of liverpool. Only part of the simple but historic circuit was used however, as the cars went one at a time against the clock. Having followed the blogs of a couple of the guys over the winter i was actually quite looking forward to seeing how they got on and who the quick guys were.

it was nice to read about few of the guys pitching a tent and sleeping next to their cars the night before, having been on my fair share of surf trips i know what it feels like to rough it for a while in search of cheap thrills.

Every body gets a couple of practice runs followed by three timed runs, the quickest of which counts as your time for the day. So quite alot of pressure, when all three timed runs take less than three minutes, its not like you get 20 minutes as you would in a race to thrash out a winner or make up for mistakes.

Its hard to find results lower than 3rd for either group 1 or two so i'm limited to
that I'm afraid.

3rd in Group 1 @ 54.71 secs Was Merlin Edwards, comfortably the guy with the coolest name in the Pack, and an equally cool orange car. 2nd was Wes Fox, I've followed Wes' blog over the winter and had a feeling he'd be pretty Quick, lots of cart experience really looks to have helped him post a very solid time only 1 10tenth ahead of Merlin @54.61. Winner of group 1, Just 2 hundredths ahead of Wes Fox with 54.59 was Mike Hart, Another very experienced cart driver putting his track time to good use.

the group two podium saw Matt 'Riggers' Rigby of take third place with a time of 55.20, Just behind David Menzies' time of 55.02. The real story of the day though was group 1 winner Kurt Brady, Who posted a 54.18! to take fastest time of the day.

The next outing for this lot is another sprint at curborough on the 15th of this month, Can Kurt brady Dominate for a second time or will mike Hart, Wes Fox, and Merlin Edwards give him some payback.

Ill leave you with Kurt brady's winning run of 54.18