Sunday, 23 May 2010

Curborough results

As i mentioned in my last post the academy went to curborough on the 15th may.

Mike Hart, Wes Fox and Merlin Edwards headed up group 1 with Kurt Brady, David Mezies and Mat Rigby leading group two.

Very little changed up front other than it was mike Hart not Kurt Brady to post the fastest time but each won their group for the second time. Wes Fox once again finished second in group 1 but it was Joel Wymer who pipped Merlin Edwards to third place to move into 4th in group one.

In group 2 Tim Abbott was a man on fire to turn 6th at Aintree into 2nd at curborough which meant David Menzies had to settle for third and Matt rigby for 4th.

putting both the group Tables together gives us Mike Hart and Kurt Brady in joint first(40pts), followed by Wes Fox(36pts) and David Menzies(35pts), Matt Rigby and Merlin Edwards share 4th (33pts), Tim abbot(32pts) leads Joel wymer by one point for 5th and 6th.

Here's how the points for the Academy work:

The first 18 finishers in each group are all awarded points as follows. 20-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2

So there's alot of points an offer and its going to be very hard for anyone to draw out an unassailable lead over just 7 events. Next up is the last of the sprint Events at Snetterton, Then its off to rockingham for the first head to head race where, if the you tube videos of previous years are anything to go by, anything can happen.

Here's Mike harts winning run from curborough:

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

An Interesting Double Header

this weekend sees the entire spectrum of motorsport neatly bookended by two events within 24 hours of eachother.

Saturday sees round two of the caterham accademy take place at the tiny and largely unheard of sprint circuit of curborough, southwest of derby, in staffordshire. the competitors all of whom aquired their racing licsence a matter of months ago, and who only have one other competitive sprint as the sum of thier racing experience will battle it out, one at a time, in front of only friends, relatives and marshalls for little more than bragging rights, that it was they who conquered the 'molehill' and 'Fradly Hairpin' in the shortest time.

On the very same day, The Qulifying for Arguably the jewel in the crown of motorsport takes place in the principality of Monaco. The most successfull, most experienced, highest paid and most famous drivers in the world will contest the most glamorous, prestigious, historic and coveted piece of silverware that motorsport has to offer. Royalty and stars of film and television will be in attendance, the entire country will be bursting at the seams with pilgrims from the world over. news of its result will be transmitted into living rooms around the globe and the winner will be a household name.

But witch is the more important event? the statistics could be missleading. would monaco be the Spectacle it is today without the hundreds of thousands of grass roots enthusiasts around the world, like the men of the caterham accademy, going out for nothing more than the love of the sport every couple of weeks. I doubt it. The saying has it that were all standing on the shoulders of giants, but maybe in formula 1's case its just lots and lots of little guys.......

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Caterham Academy - Aintree Sprint 2010

Right then lets bring everyone up to speed with this years academy so far. The first event of the season was hosted by the small circuit of aintree just north of liverpool. Only part of the simple but historic circuit was used however, as the cars went one at a time against the clock. Having followed the blogs of a couple of the guys over the winter i was actually quite looking forward to seeing how they got on and who the quick guys were.

it was nice to read about few of the guys pitching a tent and sleeping next to their cars the night before, having been on my fair share of surf trips i know what it feels like to rough it for a while in search of cheap thrills.

Every body gets a couple of practice runs followed by three timed runs, the quickest of which counts as your time for the day. So quite alot of pressure, when all three timed runs take less than three minutes, its not like you get 20 minutes as you would in a race to thrash out a winner or make up for mistakes.

Its hard to find results lower than 3rd for either group 1 or two so i'm limited to
that I'm afraid.

3rd in Group 1 @ 54.71 secs Was Merlin Edwards, comfortably the guy with the coolest name in the Pack, and an equally cool orange car. 2nd was Wes Fox, I've followed Wes' blog over the winter and had a feeling he'd be pretty Quick, lots of cart experience really looks to have helped him post a very solid time only 1 10tenth ahead of Merlin @54.61. Winner of group 1, Just 2 hundredths ahead of Wes Fox with 54.59 was Mike Hart, Another very experienced cart driver putting his track time to good use.

the group two podium saw Matt 'Riggers' Rigby of take third place with a time of 55.20, Just behind David Menzies' time of 55.02. The real story of the day though was group 1 winner Kurt Brady, Who posted a 54.18! to take fastest time of the day.

The next outing for this lot is another sprint at curborough on the 15th of this month, Can Kurt brady Dominate for a second time or will mike Hart, Wes Fox, and Merlin Edwards give him some payback.

Ill leave you with Kurt brady's winning run of 54.18

Monday, 3 May 2010

ok, its about time i started writing this blog. im atleast a year and a half away from actually doing any racing, but if i dont start doing a little something every week to convince myself that one day, i might actually own a racing car i can see the whole thing fizzling out.

and this blog is part of that, its going to be tough to fill it without even a car build to talk about but ive got the garage to spruce up, and all the other interesting things that go on in there to discuss. not to mention a running commentary on the current accademy year and discoursing widely about motorsport past and present.

Im sure most of you know me allready but for those of you who dont, My name is dave jones (Dones)and last year my brother Mike (Mones) came over to my house with a piece of paper claiming you could buy a fully spec'd caterham racing car for £200 quid a month. Where do i sighn??

£18'500 is the full price tag and its going to take a massive amount of committment and lots of beans on toast to get there. My original plan was to make the 2011 season but a few winter set backs and the fact it costs more like 20+ grand if you're serious about running up front means 2012 is more realistic.

So there you go. thats the plan, and you know what they say about them. only time will tell but this is something iv'e dreamed of doing since i was a nipper and i cant think of anything else id rather waste my money on.